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Kingdom Hearts

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what if all the scenerios we make up in our head are actually real events happening in an alternative universe and we’re actually connecting with our alternate self’s mind

my alternate self is getting some serious dick 




Remember in 1993 when Jurassic Park was like…the end all, be all of special effects?


not gonna lie that still looks intimately real

I’m still somewhat convinced that someone sold their soul to create the special effects in Jurassic Park because that shit is over 20 years old and it still really, really holds up, better than the stuff in a lot of current movies, even.

Fucking witchcraft, man. 


I was browsing Jung Seed’s new catalog when I found this:


It’s a bearded iris called “Dracula’s Kiss.” 

And I don’t think I’ve ever wanted a flower more.  Seriously, look at this thing.  People go on and on about black roses, but this is the gothiest flower I’ve ever seen.

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